Potential Description for “Monsters”

After being attacked by a serial killer, saved by Loki — so-called Norse God of Mischief, Chaos and Lies, dragged by Loki on a trip to Alfheim, and watching her grandmother decline after a serious accident, Amy Lewis finally has her life almost back together.  If she can just manage to keep her job as receptionist at the FBI’s Chicago branch of the Department of Anomalous Devices of Unknown Origin a little longer, everything will be fine.  Just fine.

But managing that is difficult when Loki is convinced he owes you money, there are trolls and wyrms in popping up in the streets and underneath them, a sphere of doom is growing under the Chicago Board of Trade, and your unbearable boss seems to think you might hold the key to solving all his problems.

Amy’s about to discover, once you get tangled up in the webs of chaos, it’s hard to pull yourself out.  But you might not want to.